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Connecting people with jobs overseas since 1998


Working In Events was set up to help people who are looking at moving overseas for life and job
opportunities. Here’s the bottom line about our events: they’re there to make every part of that process easier for you.

We run leading events where thousands of people have landed jobs, supported by our website at that brings you information on migrating, visas and finding jobs online. We know the thought of shifting your whole life to another country can be daunting, and that’s why our annual job events are designed to make you feel more confident about the move. Not only will you meet employers from your specific industry, you’ll also gain access to information about visas, what’s going on in the job market in your field, and other practicalities about moving.

Working In also provides visa and migration support and online job searches. There’s plenty to explore on our main website, so take a look there too.

What can I learn at Working In Expos?

You’ll find out:

  • What jobs are available in your industry, and where
  • Which employers are ready to recruit now
  • Which of your skills translate to different countries
  • What visa you’ll need
  • About potential sponsorship
  • How employers can support your relocation and settlement
  • Expert advice and help from immigration advisers
  • More about the job market and methods used in Australia, Canada and New Zealand
  • Expected wage, cost of living, housing types, education options for your family and the general lifestyle in the country you choose


Where are the expos held?

They’re held in England, Australia, South Africa and Ireland, annually.

What countries do they recruit for?

The countries we’re recruiting for at our events are Australia, Canada and New Zealand – each one chosen for their great lifestyles and the job opportunities they hold for skilled professionals. We also occasionally have opportunities in countries like Hong Kong, Peru, Singapore and the USA.

What industries are covered at the events?

We’re looking for people in these industries, with a range of jobs on offer:

  • Mining
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • IT
  • Construction, and more


Want to exhibit?

If you want to find out more about how our job Expos can help you and your business find the skills you can’t find locally, hop over to our business website.